Providing Superior Land Acquisition Services

HRM Land Acquisition Solutions, LLC

Provides complete turn-key Right of Way services for your Transportation, Utility, Telecommunication and other Infrastructure projects. HRM insures that Federal funded acquisition practices are in compliance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended and Senate Bill 18, The State of Texas Landowner’s Bill of Rights enacted by the 82nd Legislature effective September 1, 2011.

Scope of Services Includes:

Project Planning/Management

Comprehensive overview of project scope.

Oversee and communicate project activities to project team.

Develop, initiate, and monitor project timelines.

Keep client informed of project status.

Recognize and resolve project issues in the completion of the project.

Maintain a proactive acquisition and management approach to the project.

Initial Project Research

Perform initial title research along proposed project right of way.

Determine quantity and ownership of project parcels.

Research and estimate property values using real estate comparables.

Set up project database management system.

Cost Studies/Estimate

Estimate right of way/easement land costs for project.

Title Search

Determine and verify current ownership of project parcels.

Identify and resolve title problems associated with project parcels.

Right of Entry Permitting

Contact owners to obtain written Right of Entry.

Document restrictions or special conditions requested by owners for Rights of Entry.

Utility Relocation

Inform public/private entities involved of proposed utility implications.

Identify private easements to enhance utility assets and prevent future relocation expenses. Local Public Agency Meetings

Attend and participate in appropriate meetings to provide technical support and project information to property owners and/or public officials.

Special Site Selection

Identify and research land sites and fair market values for a specific site utilization criteria.

Recommend selected sites for acquisition.

Appraisal/Appraisal Services

HRM utilizes a network of State certified appraisers.

Closing Coordination

Coordinate closing activities between title company, client and property owners.

Property Owner Interviews

Develop property owner interview form and conduct personal interviews with each property owner to explain scope of project, benefits, and impact of project during construction phase.


Identify and contact property owners by personal visits, phone and email communications. Professionally explain the project and negotiate acquisitions in good faith.

Negotiate remainder damage settlements.

Relocation Assistance

Interview prospective displaced resident(s).

Calculate values of comparable replacement housing or facilities.

Provide comprehensive, specialized assistance for displaced residents and businesses.

Water Rights Leasing

Develop Target maps identifying ownership

Identify applicable Groundwater District Rules

Coordinate Forms, leases and processes for project.

Develop target zone with Hydrologist & Client.

Construction Damage Settlement

Mediate construction issues with property owners.

Negotiate payments that are equitable and reasonable.

Condemnation Support Services

Preparation of parcel files for legal counsel handling eminent domain litigation.

Pre-trial/pre-hearing preparations as requested by legal counsel.

Expert Witness Testimony

Appear and/or provide deposition testimony for condemnation hearing and trials.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Delineate procedures corporate/client policies for projects.

Establish lines of communication, project monitoring, acquisition schedules and milestones for project.


Amber Briggs Beard

Executive Director, Cibolo Valley Local Government Corporation

The team at HRM Land Acquisition Solutions worked on a large-scale water rights acquisition project for the Cibolo Valley Local Government Corporation (CVLGC) which is owned jointly by the City of Schertz and the City of Cibolo.  HRM Land Acquisition Solutions successfully negotiated and acquired approximately 11,785 acre-feet of water rights executing water leases with approximately 80 landowners in Wilson County, Texas for CVLGC. It was a pleasure working with Rene Moulinet Jr., Rene Moulinet Sr., and the HRM Land Acquisition Solutions team. They were professional, responsive, diligent and their vast level of experience working with landowners and utilities was apparent throughout the process.

David Davenport

General Manager, Canyon Lake Water Supply Corporation

HRM has acquired over 50 parcels of land over the years with total professional conduct.  I would highly recommend HRM for land acquisition for any project.

Sam Nassour, Sr.

Right of Way Agent.

I worked alongside HRM’s team for several years as a Sr. Right of Way Agent.  It is always a pleasure to visit the management staff and support team from time to time.  They have always treated their clients and staff with the upmost respect and loyalty.  I look forward to one day working with them again.  

James S. Frost

Attorney – Frost Law Firm

I’ve known and worked with Rene Moulinet and his staff for many years on right of way acquisitions. Rene is smart, ethical, and diligent.  I wish I had his energy!

Since 1994, HRM Land Acquisition Solutions, LLC has provided Right of Way Services for the Utility, Transportation and Energy Industries.

HRM Land Acquisition Solutions, LLC offers those Industries a full range of Right of Way Services, including, but not limited to the following:


Municipal/Public Works/Private Investors

Water/Wastewater Pipeline Projects

Drainage/Flood Control

Special Site Selection for Tanks, Meters, Lift Stations

Water Rights Leasing

Transportation Industry

Texas Department of Transportation

Texas Turnpike Authority




New Alignments

Roadway Widening and Expansions


Electric Transmission/Distribution Lines

Cell Sites

Renewable Energy

Telecommunication Sites

Utility Relocation